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Uh-OH. Technical difficulties?

Hi guys!

So I am really bummed about not being able to post my vlogging videos to my blog, or Youtube account. It is not in proper format, which doesn’t allow me to upload the video. Of course, I am still going to be posting weekly vlogging videos or you all to my blog’s Instagram account (@thewanderforest) but I will not be able to upload them to any other video hosting websites. What a bummer.

So, for now please enjoy the 15 second video of my vlogs on my Instagram. And if you follow me on Ocho, you can also watch a quick 8 second video as well. I will be using those two apps to upload my weekly vlogging videos and hope to get them up on my blog and Youtube account very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience guys!

Love you all.

xo Sarah

OCHO #Dayinthelife

#Dayinthelife Campaign was a HUGE success!

The brilliant and amazing team at Ocho Video had a vision for a campaign they like to call #Dayinthelife — Welcome to a day in my life Ocho. I am happy to announce that myself, and a few others have been selectively chosen to participate in Ocho’s #Dayinthelife campaign. The #OchoVideo team is amazing! These people are brilliant, genius, and completely lovable people who live clear across the country.
Little background story for all my readers…
About 6 months ago, a new video application was released in the app store called Ocho. Very similar to other video recording applications on the app store, such as Vine.. But I must say, Ocho is a million times cooler. The number of features that can be added and customized to each video, the pristine quality and of course, the amount of fun you’ll have making them.
Now… Let’s fast forward to the present time
Ocho was taken out of the app store (Don’t freak, only for a little while!) so they could focus on relaunching the app in a HUGE powerful way. The Ocho team reached out to myself & a few of my close friends, to help make their vision a true success story! Of course, we were more than happy to join the team and blow it out of the water. I had so much fun to be given this opportunity and share with the world the window into my world. We all made funny, entertaining, and creative videos with the hashtag #Dayinthelife. My feed was full of awesome videos that truly showcased each and everyone’s unique personality and it shined through the lens!

Big shout out to the team at Ocho and my fellow Ocho users!
Download the app on the App Store — Tuesday Nov, 11. 2014
You won’t regret it!

Follow myself & my awesome friends too! @sarahloo_

yours truly,

xo Sar

Everything you need to know: STYLING YOUR GUY

* Drum Roll Please *
Introducing my first official blog post on what else — Men’s Fashion!

What’s better than a tall, handsome, and well-groomed man? Let me give you a hint, a well dressed man! As a woman, I definitely enjoy meeting a man who is very well dressed. It is actually quite impressive, to be honest. But for you ladies out there who are looking to whip your man into shape with his style choices, this guide is for you! And for all you guys out there who need a quick 101 class on “men’s fashion” you better jot down some notes and pay attention.

I have put together a style board, based on some of my favorite men’s fashion items and ANY GUY can pull this look off. And if you think you can’t, you’re wrong! Let’s get started :)

Lets begin with the plaid shirt. This is such a staple item in your fall fashion because it is effortless, but in trend. You can pair it with a plain grey, black, or white t-shirt underneath or wear it buttoned up. It is so easy, how can you NOT have this in your closet!

Of course, I paired the plaid shirt with a forest green military jacket. Right now, fashion has taken a turn for the military! Forest green, camo print, and combat boots are currently in trend with both men and women. The dynamic mesh of colors works perfectly together, so no need to worry about matching guys! That is not the lesson here. The patterns, textures, and colors are all in tune with each other, so it works! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

A pair of distressed brown colored boots are perfect to pull this look all together. The boots can be worn zipped up, or down. Depending on what look you are going for. Rolling up your pant legs a layer or two help to make the look more casual or straight legged with your pant legs inside the boots. Either way, these distressed style boots help pull this fall look all together.

Now, accessories! There is so many colors, patterns and textures in this look so don’t go overboard with the accessories. Keep it classic with a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, or your favorite pair of dark classic sunglasses and accessorize your wrist with a watch. The watch is a staple, and classic piece to dress up your fall season outfit this year! My favorite piece from Invaluable.com is this Rolex watch! The beautiful colors of navy blue, gold and silver is very classic and goes with nearly every color or outfit you can put together. Check out invaluable.com to see their amazing line of men’s watches that they carry and an unbeatable price! Fall season is here & alive, get yourself a classic piece! They have so many different styles, colors, and brands to choose from.. There is definitely something out there for you.

Yay! I am so happy to share with you all my FIRST style board & first official blog on men’s fashion. Hope you all enjoyed it!!
And a big shoutout to all the awesome men who helped me, and inspired this look. I owe you big time :)

Any questions, comments, or just simply word of encouragement?
Email me: thewanderforest@gmail.com

yours truly,

xo Sarah


My brain has no heart. And my heart has no brain.

Your brain whispers, “You’ll be fine.”
And your heart whispers, “Don’t lie.”


It’s a constant battle between your brain and your heart. Aren’t we suppose to be on the same team?? Yet, they tell us two different things. Different opinions on all our life choices. Love, friends, career, and even family members sometimes! Should this really be a battle?
I’ve contemplated this issue in my head over and over again. I can practically drive myself insane in my own head. I think we all think about the same things, regardless of who we are, our personal preferences, or sexual orientation… WE ARE ALL HUMANS! That’s the wonderful, yet scary thing about love, it is not prejudice.

I am more infatuated with the mind games. And you ALL know exactly what I’m talking about. All those flirty emoji filled text messages, fav tweets and “liked” Instagram photos. No matter how we word it, or how we see it… It is all a form of some sort of mind game. My question is, why? Why do we put ourselves through that. Yes, granted.. As a woman, we need to play a little hard to get. If the challenge becomes too easy, what’s the point of trying right? My mama always told me “A girl worth kissing, shouldn’t be easily kissed.” And I have held that dear to my heart when it comes to a guy I am interested in. Let him take you on a date, enjoy a nice dinner, a movie, or whatever he has planned for you… But what I’ve learned is no matter how great of a girl you could possibly be, you’ll never be good enough for a man who isn’t ready. And that’s where we tend to get caught up and tangled in our emotions. We tend to fall for the ones who aren’t interested in us, and refuse the ones who are. You’ll end up disappointing yourself if you continue to grow up thinking everyone has the same heart as you do. But if you do find someone good enough for you, please hold on to them. And in return, be the best possible person you can be for him/ or her.
As far as I know, the only person I can control is myself. It has taken me a long time to realize that, but better late than never right? I’m focusing on being a good, humble person. Beauty on the inside, shines bright. People tend to notice those things, I promise… Remember that. Give this world good energy, there is enough bad people in this world.
Fill yourself with happiness, fun, laughter, love, friends, friendly strangers and most importantly is family. That’s my little piece of advice to you kids, but please remember… I’m learning too :)

Good things come for those who wait.

Til we meet again
xo Sarah

The Wander Forest
Twitter: @thewanderforest
Instagram: @thewanderforest

Inside the mind of a woman

Hello lovies!

Okay, so lately I’ve been hearing so much complaining from all the men in my life about how difficult and confusing the mind of a woman is. That got me to thinking, are we really as confusing as men make us out to be? Are women truly that difficult to understand and please? Am I considered to be one of these “typical women” who can’t be figured out by a man because I’m from venus? So here is what I came up with…

I believe that every woman on this planet is uniquely made. We are NOT all alike, and if you believe that every woman is exactly the same.. You have other issues, my friend. But that doesn’t ignore the fact that I do strongly believe that many women share common similarities involving our actions, words, or sensitivity. All these characteristics may vary, but I will take you to the inside of the mind of a woman. It’s a scary place… You have been warned.

Every guy seems to think that all girls are all about the bigger, the better! Whether it’s a car, a ring, or a house. Don’t get me wrong here, we love a big car, big ring, and a big beautiful house… But what guys don’t seem to understand is that sometimes the simple, teeny-tiny things that you do for us, makes up for all the other big things that we could care less about. Ever heard the saying, “It’s the thought that lionroarsmall_grandecounts” well… It is true! A woman would rather you put a lot of thought into a special gift, than walk into a jewelry store and pick out a piece that’s the largest and most expensive.  Of course, I can’t speak for ALL women.. but I’m pretty sure I can speak for most of us (at least the ones with our heads screwed on right!).

I can’t emphasize enough on how truly important it is for a man to show his affection towards a woman he truly loves and cares about. Of course, this works vice versa as well because I know how important it is for a man to receive affection from his woman. This should be a key component in any relationship, but in this new generation of technology advancements and the ability to show affection in different ways because it’s not just physical now. Not exactly sure what I’m talking about? Think about it… Every woman loves to be mentioned in his Facebook status, his tweet, even his Instagram for #WCW (woman crush Wednesday). Social networking has really improved the ability for someone to show affection, who may not be so comfortable showing it physically. And guys, take notes here. Every woman loves this. No woman will admit this, but we love when you show us off and make us feel as if we are your “entire world” it makes us feel good about ourselves. Treat your woman like a queen, and she will treat you like a king.

Til next time,

xo Sarah