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Epic sibling bonding time

Hello lovies! Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!

Hope you all enjoyed your wonderful weekend, I am beyond pooped out.
Today, I got a call from my sister while I was at work
“What time are you off?”
“Um.. 2:00PM. Why what’s up?”
“We are going to MALIBU TODAY!”

Can’t really argue with that.
I love hanging out and spending enormous amounts of time with my family, especially my siblings. I know, we are totally obsessed with each other, right?? LOL. Growing up I had 2 brothers and 2 sisters, a family of 7 (including my parents). So you could imagine the chaos that went on inside the Wyman household. And although things were crazy about 99% of the time, we always had a strong love and incredible sibling bond that could never be broken. Yes, we had tons of ridiculous fights, arguments, and didn’t always get along. But, what are siblings for? We are there to irritate the living crap out of each other, but we are also there for each other through thick and thin. No matter what, remember that.

If you haven’t been to the El Matador Beach, I suggest you GO! Like, tomorrow if possible LOL. It is by far the BEST beach you will ever go to, hands down. I’ll even put money that. The views are breath taking, the actual beach is filled with giant boulders and cave like structures, and the free parking is a huge PLUS.

Enjoy the video!!! It was the first video I edited BY MYSELF… Took me awhile, so go easy on me guys. I promise to get better at this whole “video editing” thingy– I sound like a 90 year old grandma who just discovered the wonders of the internet. I’ll stop rambling now… Just watch the damn thing, yo! :)


HELLO VLOGGING, I have arrived!

Hello everyone,

Really quickly I want to express how truly BLESSED I am to have such an amazing people in my life who constantly support, and fuel the vision I have for my blog. And I am so happy to announce that I am exploring in the world of flogging *insert applaud here* YAYYYYY!!!!
I have been talking about it for weeks now and was putting it off for awhile. But I made the courageous decision to go out and buy a Nikon camera to shoot THIS video… And lots of more videos coming soon too, duh. I am 100% dedicated to my blog, and now vlogging.
Big shoutout to Ariel Flores, without him my vision would have never came to life. His photography skills are OUT OF THIS WORLD. And of course, my little sister Venetia, words can’t describe the love I have for you little one. These two were huge supporters for my VERY FIRST VLOG TODAY, you guys are f*cking rockstars. Excuse my language.

Please enjoy!!!! More videos coming soon, so keep your eye out.

til we meet again,
xo Sarah

Uh oh.. there seems to be an issue uploading my video to my blog. So here’s the link below! Oopsies.

<p><a href=”″>Sarah Vlog</a> from <a href=”″>Sarah Wyman</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Lights, camera… POSE!

Hi readers!

I want to share some big, and exciting news with you guys! I was picked to participate in a photo-shoot for a hair and makeup look book.. How exciting right?!?! My face, and of course my hair will be featured on a website and a makeup & hair look book! GASP.
75928986ef7109ee520b9996ec5b1d54I was super stoked to hear that someone wanted ME to represent their look book and website. Don’t ask me why I was chosen, because I haven’t got a clue either. But I was really surprised, and quite taken back that someone actually wanted me to be featured in their business. This will be quite an experience, so I promise to take lots of videos and pictures to share with all my readers!
I don’t know too many details at the moment but the photo-shoot will be in a couple weeks, Ah I need to prepare! I’m not entirely sure what look they have prepared for me either, but I heard it was going to be a “Bohemian grungy look.” I think the part I’m most excited about is the transformation in process. Of course, I’m going to be showing up with absolutely no-makeup on (Eek!) and my hair a hot mess so it will be nice to sit in the chair, relax and feel like a celebrity for a day. Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit… But I can’t help but be excited!
I don’t even know what I should be doing to prepare for this. I can’t help but be a little worried about everything too. Should I do an easy 2 week cleanse? Get an intense cleaning facial? Color my hair? I worry about these things because once these pictures are taken, they are permanent. In other words, FOREVER. So I can’t help but think that I should be preparing myself in some sort of way, am I right?  — I seriously sound like a crazy lunatic right now.

That’s enough “Hollywood” for the one night.
Enjoy the rest of your night. Be safe & have fun!

Xo Sarah

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Hello, Manhattan Beach!

Hello readers :)


Please enjoy all my photos from Manhattan Beach this past weekend. Correction, my very spontaneous trip to Manhattan Beach.
Quick story, I went to my school to meet with my advisor and discuss some issues regarding my Fall schedule BLAH BLAH BLAH.. boring stuff. On our way back home, I was talking to my parents about me possibly moving to the west side of LA. What better time than RIGHT that second to go check it out, so I dragged them along with me (They really didn’t have a choice lol) to Manhattan Beach and we enjoyed the rest of the day there on the beach taking lots of photos, running in the water, my mom collecting rocks & seashells, and enjoying each other’s company. It was nice.
My dad said “I’m glad we did this. I approve your move to Manhattan Beach.” — Hell yeah!


Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I sure did. I got to spend my weekend at my parent’s new house and really RELAX. It has been a really stressful, and exhausting week with school semester approaching and work being, well work LOL. So it was nice to have a tiny little “getaway” and just kinda take my mind off of things back home in LA. But anyways, lets get to my blog topic for today!

IMG_3802I have finally decided that I am going to be moving to Manhattan Beach!!! Yayyyy *insert applaud here*
The long and highly annoying commute to my school is mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. If you live in LA you know what I mean when I say “emotionally” draining LOL.
So, I decided to move my butt closer to the west side of LA to be within miles to school and ultimately begin my new life. Of course, this courageous decision has come with a whole new set of problems, and personal concerns. But I am sorting them out and don’t want to jinx myself so I won’t go into detail about any of that boring stuff just yet. I am really excited and a little scared all at the IMG_3793same time, but how else is a girl suppose to learn right? That’s the same thing I told myself at age 19, when I made the decision to move to Los Angeles ALL BY MYSELF. And I have come sooooo far since that moment, and I haven’t looked back since.
I’m hoping everything goes as planned, but of course it never does. But I am prepared and more than excited for the journey ahead…



Happy Monday ya’ll,


til next time,
XO Sarah

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My new read– Gone Girl

I am a HUGE bookworm.
I always have been. Since I was a little kid I was constantly reading books, novels, poetry.. You name it, and I was reading it. I could honestly sit in Barnes & Nobles for hours just reading books and I would become lost in my own little imaginary world.

My earliest memory of reading a book as a child was a funny story. I had this really big book, nearly 700 pages that I would carry around with me as a little girl (before, I even knew how to read). I loved the book so much because it had a big picture of a blue, majestic unicorn on it. The entire book was filled with words with only a few pages that had pictures of the unicorn, maybe 3 or 4. I was sitting in my daddy’s fire station when a man approached me and asked me “What’s little girl like you carrying around a big book like that?” And I remember telling him “Because I like it. And I want to learn how to read it someday.” And he took the book out of my hand and started flipping through the pages, and he came across the page that had a picture of the unicorn on it and he said “You must like this page, right? Because it has a picture of a unicorn on it.” And I looked at him, I grabbed the book back and I turned it to the following page which only had words on it. And I told him, “No. I like this page. Because it is filled with words on it, and I want to be able to read it.” — That is my earliest memory of reading a book and it is sort of strange the bond I form with my books. I must sound like a complete, and total nerd. But reading and writing has become my passion, and I am turning it into my career. The little girl back then would be proud at the woman I am now… And that makes me extremely happy.
e0898352055b6ea2150563b403c5a2ddSo, of course, naturally I became a bookworm as an adult. Unfortunately, with school it has really limited my reading time with books of my own choice. But every now and then, I get to pick up a good book and read.
I want to introduce the book I picked up today, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

I had been hearing a lot of great stuff about this book and how fantastic the author was. So, I decided to check it out for myself! I’m pretty excited about this read because I normally don’t read books that are about murder, disappearance, or terrifying in anyway. So I am completely intrigued by this book, and I promise to share with all my readers how much I’m loving, or hating the book.

In the first few pages of the book, there is a quote that seems to sum up the entire book and what to prepare yourself for in the novel.
“Love it the world’s infinite mutability; lies, hatred, murder even, are all knit up in it; it is the inevitable blossoming of its opposites, a magnificent rose smelling faintly of blood.” -Tony Kushner, THE ILLUSION

I am always on the hunt for new reads as well! So please, feel free to email me any suggestions you have.

Til we meet again,
XO Sarah

The low-down on online shopping

ed39f0ffef48426fae516b17ae9248e4How many of you are addicted to online shopping? *Raise your hands high*
I am also an addict of this amazingly, self soothing act. I can’t help it. When I want something, at that very moment, technology has done me the favor of putting it right at my finger tips. Now, this can be a bad thing because just as easily it is to go online shopping… It is just as easy to press that little “Place Order” button because my credit card is already linked. Now that’s embarrassing. (hehe)

But, along with this uber cool skill of mine… I have learned through my millions of online shopping experiences what tips you should keep in mind!



Where to find the deals?
Just like in-store deals, online stores also have the same type of deals! And a lot of these deals only last 24-48 hrs, but you have to catch it at the right time. Remember, these deals don’t usually apply to in-store deals. They are usually exclusive to online shopping ONLY. This can be a good thing, or a bad thing. If you know exactly what you want, then it’s perfect. But if you’re looking to browse around and not really spend money, this is not so much of a good idea. Deals are normally applied online during the beginning of the week! Check your favorite online stores on a Monday, or Tuesday.

How do I know it will fit?
This part can be a little tricky. We are all so different, and not a “cookie cutter” size. But you know yourself better than anyone else, you should know what size you’re or how a piece of clothing will look on you. If you don’t, shame on you. Learn your body! Seems like a very simple statement, but you’d be surprised how many people do not know they shape. For women, we come in many different shapes. Straight, pear shaped, hour glass, petite, curvy… These are the main shapes, but the list can go on-and-on. What helps me to decide what size, or whether or not the shirt will look good on me I take a look at my own clothes. Find something that looks similar to its shape, this can give me a better idea on how the shirt will look on me. Of course, I know what items of clothing to stay away from and which ones flatter my body. Keep that in mind! Just because it looks good on the 90lb 5’9” model, doesn’t always necessarily mean it will look the same on you as well.
Extra tip: Measure yourself! If you’re stressing about an item of clothing truly fitting to your size, then whip out the measuring tape and get busy.

Don’t believe everything you read
Just because the print says “Very comfortable fabric” or “True to size”… Do not believe everything that you read. Take into account all possible outcomes for your item. The fabric may not be high quality, or the pair of jeans you purchased may not run true to normal-sized women. Not all women are a size 0 and weigh 90lbs. And unfortunately, that is the world that we live in. So, when online shopping take into account all the “fancy words” online shopping stores will use to get you to buy their items and make you feel comfortable about your purchase. Don’t think harder, think smarter.

Well, those are the tips that I have for all you online shopping addicts!
If you have any of your own, please share them with me. Because just like you, I am also an active online shopper and totally addicted.

Til we meet again,

xo Sarah


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Goal digger > Gold digger

Hello lovies,

I have some goals in mind for myself. I don’t necessarily want to set a time limit on them either, because life has a funny way of working itself out and the curve balls it likes to throw at me. Sometimes, I think I am on the right path, and then BAM.. curve ball. But that shouldn’t mean that I can’t set goals for myself, regardless of how long it is going to take! I’m constantly setting short term, and long term goals for myself. Feels good after I have accomplished one, and it only makes me more excited to complete another. So I want to share with all my readers my goals that I have set for myself during this time.
(If you ever see, or hear me start to doubt myself just give me a little encouragement!)


1. Write a blog at least once a week
2. Spend 2-3 hours for study time
3. Be in bed before midnight
4. Make time for friends to go out, or enjoy the company
5. No more texting and driving (I know, it’s bad. You don’t have to remind me!)
6. Drink less red bull, and more water!
7. Be early for work every day this week
8. Take my make-up off at night, no more laziness
9. Keep up on my laundry
10. Be a better, and nicer person everyday.

These are just a few goals I have set for myself during this point in time.
Of course, I try to tweak them a little bit and add more everyday.
I think it is important to set goals for yourself, and push yourself to those goals. Some may feel impossible, but I promise you they are not. The things I have accomplished for myself and only being 23 years old seems mind blowing and I would have never thought I could do the things I have done when I was a young, naive, little teenager. So since then, I have set goals for myself. Some may seem small, some may seem a bit ridiculous, but they are MY goals. And they are goals I hope to accomplish successfully!

Have a great night :)

til we meet again,

xo Sarah


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