Hello lovies!

So, I am so happy to announce that my long awaited blog is finally here!! I have been trying to start a blog of my very own for years now, but with so much constantly going on in my life I never had time and honestly, I rarely had the energy. I wanted to originally start this blog to help myself in the future, I am currently a student at Cal State Dominguez Hills studying Communications and Journalism. But I thought about it for a couple days and I thought that I should explore much more topics, issues, and desires for my readers! I came to the conclusion that I wanted to talk about my personal experiences, my likes, my dislikes, girl advice, hobbies, love, friendships, heartbreak.. you name it, I am talking about it! I want my readers to be able to connect with me spiritually and trust that they are not the only ones going through these things… But I am too! Hope you enjoy the blog as much as I love writing it.

I encourage you guys to email me topics, or things you want me to talk about! Consider me an open book.

PS. Your words of encourage are greatly appreciate as well :)

xo Sarah

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Sarah Wyman – I'm a twenty- something year old girl living in Los Angeles, CA. I'm just a girl with a vision, exploring the world and trying to figure it all out.


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