TOP 5: Best things about having a sister!

For those of you who read my blog, you know how important my family is to me. You would know how ridiculously close we all are, some people may find it weird but I think it is beautiful.
My little sister and I are EXTREMELY close, possibly weirdly close. We are only 2 years apart and the last 2 in our Wyman clan to leave the house, so of course we naturally became close.

If you have a sister, you know how important she is to your life. And although you may not see that now, there may come a time when you will come to the realization that she is a strong and powerful person in your life. But before this blog post gets all sappy and emotional, I will just stop it right there. We all know I lack in the department of emotions. I want to share my favorite things about having a sister, younger or older I think everyone can relate to this blog topic! (especially those who are very close with their sister, like me) – And before you start jumping to conclusions, I do NOT and never would shame anyone who is not close with their sister, or does not have a sister. You can relate this to anyone! If you have a powerful, strong and uplifting person in your life, there you go. This can me your mom, cousin, aunt, fav teacher or friend.

1.) No-judgement
No matter what I tell my sister, I know I will never be judged for it. No matter how crazy, weird, big or small she is someone I can trust with anything. I know the second I tell her, I instantly feel better and don’t even think about her reaction towards the topic. I know it will be positive, or some sort of life lesson to help me.

2.) True best friend
Of course, your siblings naturally become your first best friend. My sister and I were so close growing up, we practically did everything together. She was my little mini-me, not counting the fact people legitimately thought we were twins. Things weren’t always sunshine and butterflies, let me tell you. There were plenty of times I wanted to chop her hair off, watch her cry and laugh in her face (Whoa sarah, calm your tits on the violence) — You can tell that has been building up for years, right? KIDDING :)
My little sister was my FIRST real best friend, and one who would never choose to disappear or fade away. It was a best friend I could count on forever, no matter what.

3.) Partner in crime
Come on, lets admit that we have all had our fair share of getting into trouble growing up or made some hilariously outrageous mistake. Now think back, who was your accomplices? I can tell you mine, my sister. She was practically my “ride or die” and damn proud of it! Remember when I told you we did everything together, well… That included the bad stuff too. I’m going to just stop right here, I’ve already said too much (hi mom and dad!)

4.) Sharing is caring, right?
Maybe the reason why people always thought we were twins was because my mom absolutely adored dressing us EXACTLY the same, and I am not exaggerating about this. We literally had the same clothes, haircut, hair color, and shoes. My mom had it all down to the last detail, so f*cking embarrassing. But I think I thank her for that, in some weird sorta way. We shared practically everything after that. We pretty much had the same style and everything we had was practically shared between us. Now don’t start thinking we are these weird sisters who don’t have any individuality or identity, because we do! Although we are very alike in some ways, we are very different in others. But one thing is for sure, we had no problem in sharing (with permission, of course).

5.) Wolfpack of two
Regardless of what I was going through, my sister had my back. When I was wrong, she would tell me. When I was right, she would tell me too. It was nice knowing that I had a person who always had my back, even during hard times. We all go through hard times, and everyone can relate to the fact that it is nice to have someone there for you, even sometimes just to listen. I was lucky enough to have such a strong bond with my sister that even though we lived apart, or weren’t always together that I could pick up the phone, explain everything and she was there for me emotionally, mentally or physically, if I needed her. It was like she was my better half, and I was hers. Sometimes your soul mate doesn’t have to be your significant other, it can also be your little sister.


Thank you ALL for reading my latest blog topic, and I hope you all can relate to the things I mentioned. Of course, if you have a sister you’re close with too I’d love to hear about the awesome things you guys do together or which topic you related to the most. Shoot me an email –



My fav accounts on Instagram

Hi lovies! Hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend, did any of you get a visit from the Easter bunny himself?

I haven’t had the chance to update my blog for an entire month! Man oh man, what a bummer that was. My laptop charger was mistakenly left at my parent’s house nearly 2 hours away, so I went M.I.A. on my blog. But I am back! And this time for good, you can’t get rid of me that fast :)

We are all familiar with Instagram, it has changed social media tremendously! I can literally see it doing back flips and front flips, what a genius! That being said, we all have our favorite accounts we like to follow on Instagram. And if you’re like me, you have TONS! For the last few weeks now, I have become obsessive over the new “EXPLORE” icon on Instagram. It gives me the ability to search for more people who are interested in the same things I am, or follow people that my followers follow. (That’s a tongue twister!)

Here are some of my fav accounts on Instagram, so far this year!

1.) @eating_la
This Instagram page is awesome for you folks in LA who are total foodies, like myself. I love trying all the unique fun little places LA has to offer and exploring the menu, it is actually an exciting hobby my sister and I have developed over the past few years living in LA. Of course, before Instagram we trusted yelp or friends to recommend us to fun little spots but now with Instagram it displays food options and awesome pictures of restaurants from all over the city! If you’re a foodie living in LA trying to explore more unique places, go follow @eating_la!

2.) @flatlays
There is this new awesome trend that is happening, flatlays! Sounds like a funny name, but it defines exactly what it is. You lay out your favorite items, all organized perfectly together and snap a photo.. There you have a creative flatlay. This account has really given me more creative ideas on my blogging efforts to be more, well “creative” and I have to give this account two thumbs up!

3.) @xobabevibes
Are you a creative woman? Or inspired by collections of work made by creative women? You need to go follow this awesome account! I sorta came across this page, randomly on the explore page and practically fell in love with its awesomeness. As they say on their page, “Call Yourself Babe!” The page represents creative projects, publications and interviews by creative women and the empowerment behind their ideas.

4.) @ochovideo
Of course, I must mention this video capability app that is dear to my heart. OCHO Video was recently released on the app store earlier this year, and has done some tremendous things since their launch date. This app allows its users to creatively inspire their own 8-second video with awesome features and capabilities never seen on any other video app in the app store. It is easy, fun and full of other creative brains itching to see more! If you have an eye for video and all this junk I mentioned, go download Ocho and follow all your favorite Ocho kids @sarahloo_ !

5.) @instacart
Now, I have just recently started following Instacart and I am quite impressed with their ideas and vision! I was absolutely fascinated with their slogan, “One-Hour Grocery Delivery!” This blew my mind, could this actually be a thing? This account on Instagram brands their company, helping spread the word on helping families, or individuals get their groceries and delivered to their door step without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home or rushing to the store after work to have dinner on the table by 7pm. Instacart will do the dirty work FOR YOU,  is this the future?


There you have it guys, my favorite accounts on Instagram! I hope you all find some enjoyment or use out of the accounts I have mentioned here on my blog and go follow them. If you have any awesome accounts that you think I should follow, or want me to blog about please don’t be shy and shoot me an email



xo Sar

Timing is a b*tch

Hi guys, happy monday. Wait, do we say that? Or do we say shit monday? Anyways.. I give up!

I need to get this off my chest. And I need to open up just a little to my readers, because I feel like that part I hold back just a little.

Timing is irrelevant when two people are meant for each other. It’s something that I was once told, and I believe truly deep down to my soul. I think we met during a time I was a mess, and I had so much still to figure out. At the time, I felt as if I had it all together but looking back to nearly a year ago I have realized that at the time that we meant it was just bad from the beginning. And I hate to use the word “bad” because it just seems too dramatic, but at this moment… It is the only word that seems to come to mind. But he was there for me, although he had no idea what I was going through at the time. I considered him a strong and powerful person in my life, and for those of you who know me personally you can see where I would have been very hesitant. I don’t allow people to come into my life very often, I fear they are temporary. It’s incredibly difficult for me to understand the word temporary. Why would you want to temporarily be actively involved in someone’s life and have the ultimately power and ability to disappear? It is not fair. And because it is not fair, I cannot control it. I cannot control when someone will voluntarily “choose” to leave my life or why they would ever want to.  I hate to put him on “the spot” but at this point, I don’t really care anymore. We’ve been through so much in a short amount of time and although some things were tough, confusing, or full of joy I have learned so much. I have learned so much more about the woman I want to be, the person I am destined to find and when I will find that person. You can’t rush things, especially if you want it to last forever. Two people can meet and timing can be completely wrong, I can test to that.

If you could only have met me now, how different it would really be. How differently our communication, emotions and chemistry would be, keeps me up at night thinking about more often than I want it to. If you could only see how much I have changed, maybe in ways you might not be happy with. But I don’t care. And that’s what is beautiful about the emptiness between us, I have grown tremendously without you in my life. Your absence will not stop me from growing each and everyday. You should really see me now, I think you would be proud. You were so blind, I loved you so very much. I wish you so much happiness and good luck in your future, I want nothing less than the best for you. It is what you deserve.

I have learned from all the mistakes I have made with you, but at the end of the day I just wish I would have made them with someone else.


xo Sar

PS. I hope she makes you happy :)


Hi lovies.

It’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog post, and I swear there is a good reason for that. Well… kinda?

I’ve been so crazy BUSY out of my mind! But let me back up a little bit… Around thanksgiving, I wrote a blog post explaining how sick I was with the flu. Well, since then… I HAVE RELAPSED 3 DIFFERENT TIMES. I’m not even exactly sure how my immune system even handled on that! I’m actually quite impressed. But at the same time,  I have realized that I need to start taking better of myself.
My problem is, I seem to think that I am SUPERWOMAN. I truly believe that I am invincible and I do not need a break. I was working nearly 7 days a week, no eating proper meals or no eating at all, not drinking enough water and I definitely wasn’t getting sleep. So, in the end I was sick for nearly 3 months. BUT I am back, feeling better than ever!!! I promise to take better care of myself and I will do my best to try and remember that I am only human. My dad has always told me since I was a little girl, “Sarah, you have too much drive for yourself sometimes. And that can be a bad thing.” — I see that now!

Since my last blog post a lot has actually happened, surprisingly. I have recently embarked on a new career path in my life and I can honestly say I am truly happy about my decision. This will probably be one of the best decisions of my life!
I am going to be moving into my very own studio apartment, now let me tell you guys… THIS IS HUGE! Since living in LA for nearly 5 years now, I have always lived with someone. Family, siblings, or roommates. But this time, it is JUST ME! Whoa baby, I hope I am ready for this. It was time for me to break off and do my own thing independently. Like I mentioned, I think I’m superwoman and can just do it all without anyone’s help. This will be quite a wake up call.

Since, being sick I have not been able to make any videos for you guys! Believe me, it has sucked. I have so many awesome ideas and not being able to share that with my readers/ viewers has really put me down in the dumps. I lost my voice for nearly 2 weeks and I am actually starting to feel better. So I hope to have a video for you guys next Wednesday!

Thank you all for consistently supporting me & I can’t even explain the true happiness you guys bring to me. I read your tweets, emails, and messages on Instagram… THANK YOU

xo, Sar


I’m a girl who goes on a lot of dates, not to brag or anything. And when I say dates, I don’t mean dinner & movies kinda-thing every time. It can be lots of different things, such as drinks, coffee, or order in and watch a movie together on the couch kinda-thing. What can I say, I love hanging out with guys! And I wish most of us admitted more of that. But anyways, let’s not get off track… Where was I? Ahhh..
So, we meet a guy and he’s GREAT. The night goes perfectly well, we kiss, we head back to his place and… Oops, we have sex. It happens right? I’ve heard from so many friends that this is the part that begins to freak them out. What happens now? Did I totally f*ck it up? — But is this all true, these questions we ask ourselves? Is he thinking the same things too? Us girls can practically drive ourselves insane. Although, we do an amazing job at hiding it… Well, most of the time…

I think the point I am trying to get at here is, why is it such a game? And the days after a good, or unexpected good date, we freak ourselves out! It is not worth it ladies. If he doesn’t text you, or call you.. MOVE ON. He clearly wasn’t worth it. And if he is, you will know. He will come around, you just have to be patient. So stop chasing him or doing ridiculous things just to grab his attention for 2.5 seconds because in the end you will only be hurting yourself.
As a woman, we feel so pressured to find our “Prince Charming”. But does he really exist? I think the problem we have is that we want every guy we meet to be that Prince Charming, rather than accepting the fact that he just might not be. Someone once told me, “You have to kiss a few toads before you meet Prince Charming.” Ladies, if you continue to search for Prince Charming in every single guy you meet I can promise you that it is going to be quite a long journey for you. Stop. STOP. JUST STOP. Who cares if you slept with him, who cares if he doesn’t ever call or text you back, and who cares what he continues to do after you’ve guys had your shindig. We are only human, and as humans we make mistakes. And a lot of them. So get use to it.

Ladies, continue to be your awesome f*cking self! You are attractive, intelligent, and witty. You will naturally attract the people you WANT to be around, rather than being attracted to the people who don’t necessarily want to be around you. It’s a sad story, but unfortunately it is true. Let’s all continue to self-motivate each other that there is someone better out there for YOU. Stop settling for these assholes, stop settling for the guys who continue to play mind games because they can’t “make up their mind on commitment” and stop settling for the guy you think fits your perfect picture of what a man should be. GET RID OF IT. Whether it takes 30 days, 2 weeks, 8 years or a decade, there is someone out there for you and the most amazing part about it is… They are looking for you too :)



Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

I hope you all had a warm & blessed holiday with your friends and family. And I hope you all were able to spend quality time with the people that mean the most and open some awesome presents too! And now that Christmas is over, the new year is approaching! I seriously can’t believe how fast 2014 has went by, it feels like just yesterday we were at the beginning of the year. So much stuff has happened, so many people have entered and left my life, and so many blessings have come my way.

12213d996c71b782fa8e4e1b4b75e4adAlthough 2014 was a great year, I think I am most excited for 2015! There is so much to look forward to and I could not be happier. My life has changed so much and thinking about this time last year was so different. But thats enough “blah blah” about the holidays and new year, I want to share with all my readers what I have been up to and the new exciting things I have planned for 2015 — YAY!

So first of all, I want to apologize for going M.I.A. for a little bit there. Like I said, so much has been happening I can’t keep up. I am working on my “organizing skills” and trying to stay on task with everything going on in my life and making room for others.
I was deathly sick for a week (ok, not really)
I also embarked on a new adventure with a job opportunity and I have been spending most of my time with that. Working 7 days a week and there is nothing wrong with that! I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to “grind in your 20’s, build in your 30’s, and chill in your 40’s” — if there is nothing you remember from this blog post, I hope that quote is one of them!

To help with my organizing problem, I decided to buy a huge wall calendar! I mean, it is huge! It is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see before going to bed. I am determined to keep it updated, fun, informational and colorful. My brain responds to color.
The calendar will help keep my blog posts on track, my videos on track, my work and school schedule together beautifully. Call me crazy, I tend to take on way too much at one time. I like to pretend I am superwoman, but the harsh reality is I am not. But a girl can still pretend, right?

So, here is it!
My videos will be posted every Wednesday! And I mean it when I say, EVERY SINGLE WEDNESDAY. Even if I don’t have anything fun, creative, or smart to say.. You will be sure to find a video posted on my blog, Youtube account, and Vimeo account.
My blog posts will be posted every Friday! That day might possibly change, but for now I want to keep my blog posts every Friday.

Here’s some junk I’ve been up to.
I’m not an artistic human being, but I like to pretend I am.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetEnjoy my style board.. I will try to create more of these. I found it to be a lot of fun.



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